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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Let's Play!

Here is a sneak peek at our classrooms!  This is where the fun and learning happen!

Infant Room

The Learning Mill's Infant Room is for children 6 weeks to one year of age.  There is age-appropriate equipment and individual sleep accommodations for each infant.  The first year is so important to a baby's development, so special attention is paid to work on milestones with each child at their own developmental age!

Young Toddler Room

The Learning Mill's Young Toddler Room is for children one year of age.  There is plenty of space for toddlers to learn to move and explore.  All materials are toddler-sized, so they can access things on their own and sit comfortably while eating!

Older Toddler Room

The Learning Mill's Older Toddler Room is for children two years of age.  This is where our toddlers learn skills to succeed in Pre-School.  Here they will work on potty training on a child-sized potty in the classroom, walking in lines, following simple directions, and fine tuning their motor skills!

Pre-School Room

The Learning Mill's Pre-school Room is for children 2 years away from entering Kindergarten.  This room is where children begin to learn skills needed for Kindergarten.  They learn how to write their name, learn how to count and say the alphabet, and explore their indoor and outdoor environments!

Pre-K Room

The Learning Mill's Pre-K room is for children one year away from Kindergarten.  This room is where they will become fully ready for their Kindergarten transition.  They will  begin math and reading skills, identify their letters and numbers, and work on their self-help skills to make their school experience easier!

School-Age Room

The School-Age Room at The Learning Mill is for children Kindergarten thru 5th grade.  There are plenty of age-appropriate activities to satisfy all interests.  This room is a great place for children to relax and have some fun before and after school!